Hello everyone! 👋

I’ve recently installed Fedora on my main PC and I wanted to write this post to serve me as a memo on how to install the HP LaserJet 107 printer driver.

The driver should also be compatible with the following products and generally HP’s LaserJet 100 printer series.

  • HP LaserJet 107a
  • HP LaserJet 105a
  • HP LaserJet 103a

Installing the Drivers

Installing the drivers requires Python3 available on your system if I remember correctly, it should be already available on Fedora and Ubuntu.

To install the drivers run the following commands:

wget https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software13/printers/CLP150/uld-hp_V1.00.39.12_00.15.tar.gz 

tar -xvf uld-hp_V1.00.39.12_00.15.tar.gz 

cd uld/ 
sudo ./install.sh 

If you don’t like the terminal you can also download the driver from HP’s website.

Installing the Printer

I’m using Gnome Software v45 and if you’re using Gnome as well you can follow these steps to install the printer.

  1. Connect your printer to your PC.
  2. Go to Settings -> Printers
  3. Click add a printer and select your printer.
  4. IMPORTANT In the printer details, the driver should be HP Laser 10x Series.

If the driver is not HP Laser 10x Series then click on the Select from Database... button, select Hewlett-Packard as the manufacturer in the left tab and search for the HP Laser 10x Series driver in the righ tab then select it.

You should be able to print your documents. 😁

Thank you for reading! 📚