Hello everyone! 👋

This is a short article about a handy tool called ncdu.

The tool helps you delete files and directories from your filesystem. I use it daily to clear junk files from my workstation and the servers that I’m working on. 🧹

The way it works is quite simple:

  • Navigate to the directory you want to clean and type ncdu.
  • Select and delete files and directories.


Be cautious ⚠️ with what you’re deleting. Once you delete a file, it’s gone for real. 🗑️

If you want to see the full list of ncdu’s commands you can type ? while ncdu is open.

For installing ncdu I use snap on my Ubuntu machine and homebrew on my MacOS. To my knowledge there isn’t any Windows version available yet.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short article about ncdu! If you’re looking for a great tool to replace your find and replace in the terminal check out my article about Fzf a command line fuzzy finder.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays! 🎄