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I usually write about technical stuff and tutorials, but this article is more about repair and the right to repair.

It’s important for companies to offer their customers the ability to repair devices that they bought. I’m not saying that they should make all parts and tools available, but they should at least try to offer some help for common repair operations, like storage change, broken screen change, battery change and so on. Perhaps some upgrades as well.

My old Apple iPhone 6s got a new life yesterday thanks to iFixit’s tools and guides.

The phone is ~5 years old at the time of me writing this and it works flawlessly on the latest iOS 15.2.

I thought that once the battery dies, I need to get a new phone and that felt normal to me.

In my country there’s no Apple Store. Getting a battery replacement may involve shipping my phone to a third-party shop in a different city and waiting for it to come back, even though the price of a battery replacement is affordable compared to getting a new phone, for some reason, the idea of fixing my phone instead of getting a new one felt a bit weird. And even if I pay a third-party repair shop, I don’t have any guarantee that the battery is quality. I’m imagining that most of the shops sell old low-quality batteries to make more money.

Thanks to Louis Rossman, (this guy has some incredible and entertaining videos) I was motivated to repair the phone by myself! And thanks to iFixit I found a step-by-step guide and all the tools necessary for me to do the repair.

I’m a software guy, I did not receive repair training and if there weren’t any guides or tools available, I’ll probably never figure how to do the battery change repair by myself without breaking the phone. The repair was a success and even though I’m not going to use the phone, I’m going to gift to someone that will be very happy to use it for a few more years.

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