I purchased a lifetime of Memrise Pro today and I’m grateful that I could do that. Memrise is an mobile application that lets you access a variety of courses. It also has a website so you can use it from your internet browser too.

I find it very effective when trying to learn a new language. Last year I’ve tried to learn Chinese, I completed the Chinese 1 course and although Chinese is very difficult I’ve learnt to present myself and tell people that I can’t really speak Chinese. 😅

你好。我叫Denis. 我是罗马尼亚人和我不会说中文。中文是难。

I like chinese and I hope that one day I’ll learn how to read and write in it.

I wrote the sentence from above on my computer using Pinyin. It’s a keyboard layout that lets you write the words with roman characters and gives you the option to select the appropriate Chinese character.

Right now I’m focusing more on German because it would benefit me the most. I’m also interested in learning Norsk. I know a little German but I have no idea about Norsk.

Memrise has a lot of courses right now. What makes it magical and stand out is that it offers you the option to create your own courses. For example German 1 to German 7 are created by the Memrise team and they done professionally, but you can also browse courses created by the community, for all sorts of things, not just languages.

You don’t have to spend any money to enjoy Memrise, it is mostly free. Benefits of PRO include different chat bots that help you learn the grammar and different short videos with locals, I don’t know if these benefits apply to community created courses.

Overall I enjoy Memrise a lot.

Thank you for reading!